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Founded in August 2004, in the US. Originally the firm had the name Equity Trading and was a futures company. The world crisis of 2008 hit the company hard, but it managed to stay afloat, thanks to well-timed rebranding and in 2009, it even expanded its business to various parts of the world, opening various parts in the world, opening several new offices in the USA and Canada. In 2010, Equity Trading faced the necessity to increase its influence on the market, thus expanding its business once again to include this time, binary options trading and forex. A new page of the company’s history started with the arrival of Adam Perkins to the board of directors in 2013. Being a successful trader, Mr. Perkins suggested changing the company’s way of operation and introduced the idea of going into binary options and forex account management scheme. At first, he faced a lot of resistance among his colleagues, which it took some time to come live. However in 2014, the board of directors decided to go upon that track and dive into binary options business. Once again rebranding took place,and in 2015, the company was renamed EQTFinance.
Today, EQTFinance has become one of the World’s Largest Independent online traders and funds managers with clients from all over the world and all spheres of businesses.


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Trading, whether it be securities, company assets or cryptocurrency, always involves certain financial risks. To minimize this factor, competent risk analysis is carried out, and the correct allocation of funds is made. Thanks to a wide range of currency pairs, we can maximize the diversification of investment funds, significantly reducing any risks. Our analysts are monitoring the market twenty-four hours a day in order to always be at the forefront of all events. Thus, having all the necessary knowledge and experience, we are able to efficiently benefit from the cryptocurrency trading, both for the company and for its investors.

Due to the successful work and high qualification of employees, EQTFinance is constantly evolving. Constant implementation of modern technologies and use of new trading methods allows to increase the company’s productivity. All is done with the purpose of always being among the best of the best in our business, not only in the field of trading, but also in the provision of financial services.

Cooperation with us is based on the provision of high-quality services, transparent transactions and high financial growth of investments. Our investors will receive high interest throughout the whole investment period, regardless of the investment plan they’ve chosen.

EQTFinance has been very successful in the past few years and experienced no particular recessions. Minimal risks allow us to avoid financial drawdown, and the unique business model and detailed cryptocurrency market analysis along with modern technologies ensure high financial growth of our company. Our trading methods and the principles that we adhere up till now have always been bringing the company exclusively positive results. We always follow the development of new technologies and apply new measures to maintain a high standard. Eqtfinance is not just a group of specialists from diverse fields; all of them are connected to one another as a single unit forming a precise mechanism that is capable of solving the most complex tasks in the shortest timespan, finding new methods, and forecasting the most unbelievable situations
Business analysts are constantly monitoring the crypto currency market and are in a continuous process of searching for new solutions to improve the efficiency of the entire structure of the company.

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Top Financial Analyst
Improve financial status by analyzing results; monitoring variances; identifying trends; recommending actions to management. … Recommend actions by analyzing and interpreting data and making comparative analyses.
Top Financial Trader
Analyzing results; monitoring variances; identifying trends; recommending actions to management. … Recommend actions by analyzing and interpreting data and making comparative analyses; study proposed changes in methods and materials.